Looking after your parquet flooring

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Looking after your parquet flooring

Looking after your parquet flooringSo you’ve spent considerable time and energy laying your parquet floor, or making sure someone else has done it to your satisfaction! Now you need to sand the whole floor for a uniform finish. We’ve written this blog especially for you, you’ll learn what’s important when looking after your parquet flooring.

If you have used reclaimed blocks with a wax finish, you will need to carefully remove the old wax using some white spirit, in a well ventilated room. Begin by setting your vacuum cleaner to the hard floor setting and then vacuum the floor. Now apply a belt-sander with a grit 40 paper. These machines can be easily hired for a weekend. Try to sand with the grain, starting at one wall of the room. Walk to the far away wall and then retrace your steps. When you’ve completed this pattern, turn 90 degrees and start over again. When this part of the job is completed, fit an edge sander and sand any areas you haven’t covered. Then repeat the whole process with grit 80 sandpaper. Now you need to vacuum once again.

If you have any gaps in the wood you can use wood-filler to fill the gaps with a flat trowel, and leave to dry for up to an hour. For your final round of sanding, apply 120 grit paper for a smooth surface. Now you can apply oil to protect the wood and show off your flooring. If you prefer to varnish the floor you may need to sand it again with a higher grade grit paper.

To clean your parquet floor, you need to first vacuum it carefully to remove surface dust and dirt. Make sure you are using the hard floor setting, or you may scratch your flooring. Now follow up with a broom to removed small particles. Even tiny particles of sand and dirt can result in scratches. Now you can clean the floor with a damp mop. Try not to use too much moisture – you should aim for a minimal amount. You might find that plain water is enough, but if your floor is especially dirty, add some specialised parquet floor cleaner, and then rinse. Dry the floor properly. A good way to protect your floor is to cover areas of heavy foot traffic with rugs.

We hope you find that helpful, if you need any further advice or help, don’t hesitate to contact us here or by calling 0845 602 7694.

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