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No matter who your buy your new parquet floor from, the only things that you are left with after you’ve paid, is the floor and its guarantee.

Most guarantees that are given are issued by the manufacturer and don’t cover the installation. So where does that leave you if you have a problem with your floor, is it a manufacturer or installation fault.

At Classic Parquet we control both the sourcing of parquet and installation processes and are therefore able to offer a 25 year guarantee for our parquet floors and their installation.

Finish warranty
Our finish warranty excludes any scratches, indentations or damage due to improper maintenance, misuse, insects, erosion, negligence, spiked heel shoes, pets, water, moisture, pebbles, sand, other abrasives or poor protection on furniture, wet mopping. Floor care products other than those recommended by Classic Parquet may damage your floor and may void the warranty.

Parquet wood wear layer
Classic Parquet gives a 25 year wood wear layer warranty on all our parquet floors for commercial and residential use. Classic Parquet guarantees to our original customer that parquet floor wood wear layer will not wear through for the lesser of 25 full years or as long as the original purchaser owns the home or commercial floor.

Our 25 Year warranty
If in the unlikely event any portion of the original purchaser’s parquet floor should fail with respect to the provisions of these warranties, Classic Parquet, at its sole option, will repair, refinish or replace said portion at no cost to the original purchaser with the same or equivalent product. In the unlikely event Classic Parquet is unable to correct the failure after a reasonable number of attempts, Classic Parquet will refund (if requested) the purchase price for the portion of the floor that failed. Classic Parquet reserves the right to have a designated Chateau Parquet representative inspect the floor(s) and to have samples removed for technical analysis. Classic Parquet Warranties are not transferable. No installer, retailer or distributor, or employee of Classic Parquet has the authority to alter the obligations or limitations of any Classic Parquet warranty.

Colour variations in parquet flooring are a natural occurrence due to species, age or character of flooring and exposure to UV light or sunlight. Gloss reduction is not considered surface wear. Classic Parquet is not responsible for colour variation of product or samples for the consumer matching flooring to other wood products such as furniture, stair railings and moldings. Naturally occurring wood characteristics such as variations in grain, colour, mineral streaks and knots are not considered defects. Normal exposure to sunlight will bring about changes in shading of any hardwood floor as the floor ages. Area rugs should be moved occasionally because they block sunlight and may give the appearance of discolouring under the rug. This is not a product defect.

Damage due to water and/or moisture, including, but not limited to broken or leaking pipes, wet mopping, weather or natural disasters, is excluded from Classic Parquet warranties. Chateau Parquet warranties do not cover natural expansion and contraction resulting in separation between boards or damage caused by low or excessive humidity.

No warranties apply to any products designated as reclaimed, rustic, job lots or non-standard items. Any product(s) so designated are sold “as is.”

Classic Parquet assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages. The sole remedy provided herein is the repair, refinish, replacement or refund of defective products.

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