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There’s nothing quite like Antique Parquet

Antique parquet is this year’s big trend. Whether you want your parquet blocks tumbled to give the Rough Luxe look or if you have your own design criteria then contact us for an installation price and assistance with creating the specification that’s right for you.

What is antique parquet?

Although we do sell very old reclaimed parquet flooring this is not usually what antique parquet refers to. Antique parquet is new parquet which has under gone an ageing treatment to make it look old. This may seem counterintuitive but it allows new good quality flooring to be laid whilst maintaining an antique facade.

Why antique flooring?

Interior designers and homeowners are often looking for something that little bit different. Often it’s a case of matching a floor to older surroundings in a traditional room. Pubs are often specified for very rustic looking floors to tie in with their image and antique parquet fits these filters.

Cement mixers at the ready

One way to create an antique tumbled parquet block is to tumble it in a cement mixer with the correct blend of grit, bricks and charcoal. Our secret mix is not as exclusive as Coca’s Cola’s recipe but it does take a lot of testing to get it right. The process must age the veneer of the block and not damage it’s structural abilities as a floor.

Surface finishes available include:

• Lacquer (gloss, semi-gloss, silk, matt)
• Oil
• Hard Wax

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