Ash Parquet Flooring

Ash parquet flooring is synonymous with sophistication when it comes to flooring. These intricate solutions blend traditional and more modern-inspired aesthetics intricately, making them applicable options for a whole range of environments, from cosy homes to commercial settings.

What Is Ash Parquet Flooring?

Ash parquet flooring stands out among the various types of parquet flooring, recognizable thanks to its intricate construction. This involves the arrangement of small wooden pieces, which, in turn, results in patterns and effects reminiscent of mosaics. Consequently, this makes ash parquet flooring a captivating, highly stylised flooring solution.

Benefits Of Ash Parquet Flooring

Thanks to the unique finish of ash parquet flooring, it can bring rustic and classical tones to a room and some touches of modernity. This creates a stunning foundation, with the materials used being long-lasting, able to tolerate the everyday bustle of life, and withstanding the evolution of style trends.


Moreover, ash parquet flooring is a highly sustainable solution. Responsibly sourced materials ensure that the construction of these flooring pieces aligns with environmentally friendly practices and our values, which do not require any appearance compromises.

Buy Ash Parquet Flooring At Classic Parquet

At Classic Parquet, our collection of ash parquet flooring is the ideal solution should you wish to take your space to the next level stylistically. Something even more impressive, when paired with the benefits already covered, is their cost-effective price points. This means that once fitted, this aesthetic flooring option can remain a permanent fixture for long periods.

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