Classic French Designed Chevron ParquetChevron parquet is a classic French design which has been used for many years in Parisian apartments. While installing a complex pattern like this used to be affordable only in luxury homes, it is now more widespread in use with machinery which can process the design making it more affordable.

While herringbone and chevron floors are both created from planks of equal size arranged in a zig-zag design, in a herringbone pattern the planks are shaped like perfect rectangles and then staggered. The difference with a chevron pattern is that the planks are cut on an angle so that the ‘zig’ meets the ‘zag’ on a completely straight axis.

French Designed Chevron Parquet

The chevron pattern is also called “point de Hongrie”. It got this name from a type of embroidery stitch popular in the 16th century. No one really knows why the stitch was called after Hungary, as it is usually thought to be Italian, but it could be because of the 13th-century Saint Elisabeth of Hungary.

The pattern is created with a 45 degree cut and boards of the same length cut to any desired size. Depending on the angle that is cut (which can vary from around 30-45 degrees), the reflection of the light on the rows will give a varying effect. When laying a chevron pattern in your parquet flooring attention should be given to the amount of available sunlight. If the sunlight is facing, the colour tones will be consistent. If the floor is parallel to the light you may see a colour contrast from dark to light.

Laying a chevron parquet floor requires skilled experience of flooring to lay the block parquet correctly. Chevron can be time consuming to install and is now made easier with tongue and groove application, with the option of using enhancing accent strips. For a feel of true French antiquity, the edges of the floor can be scraped by hand and distressed to add Parisian style.

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