Coloured parquet designs

Last September, McKay flooring collaborated with Alma-nac Architecture to create a unique new flavour of coloured parquet flooring. We were able to supply this new and exciting take on hardwood flooring to Sarm West Studios in Notting Hill, London.

Chris Blackwell of Island Records originally founded the studio, which has seen the likes of many famous recording artists like Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. As such, Island Records artists have been perfecting their craft at this one location for many years. Matching the studio’s uncanny ability to produce daring and cutting-edge material, we decided to unveil our coloured parquet flooring for such an occasion.

coloured 2

Our task was to work alongside Alma-nac in refurbishing a four-storey terrace, repurposing rooms as an extended-stay hotel for the studio’s patrons. Taking advantage of many of the studio’s various music labels and Victorian-inspired theming, we think it’s a step forward in breathing some new life into traditional parquet floors.

Elle Magazine

It wowed. Our coloured parquet work was featured in the September issue of Elle Decoration UK

coloured parquet

Vibrant pastel colors make this parquet-flooring theme an excellent fit for the more modern-day abodes and businesses. The blue, greens, yellows and even pinks add eye-popping vibrancy to their stained wooden boards, which are mixed and scattered for a heterogeneous feel.

We completed a similar project in 2012 for Selfridges Big Yellow Department Store on Oxford Street, also in London. The versatility of our coloured flooring makes itself known here. Whether you’re designing for a store, museum, office or home, you’re sure to find something that is tailor-made for your needs.

If pastels aren’t your thing, our experts will work diligently to help you find a theme that works for you. You pick it, you design it, we install it. The end result will be a parquet floor specialized for you and your business, not an option in a catalog.

The coloured parquet setup is the interior designer’s dream. No two floors have the same layout, with many colours and templates at your disposal. Boards can be placed in any arrangement and pattern, or perhaps even no pattern at all. No architectural degree required.

Where normal parquets may not cut it, the coloured version can and will work in just about any environment, regardless of furnishings, location, clientele and purpose.

Rest assured that when the final board is in place, you’ll have a floor unlike any other. While our highly-trained operatives are happy to lend a hand and show you the way, the end result will be your creation come to life.