Is Parquet a Practical Choice for Winter?With winter on the way, many of us spend time trying to make our homes cosier and want to create a warm atmosphere in our living spaces. Customers have been asking us “Is Parquet a Practical Choice for Winter?.”

Roaring open fires with furry rugs are not always an option in every home and so we have to think of other ways to create a cosy space. Designers have often used what are thought of as warm materials in order to create a sense of warmth in our homes. Unlike concrete, marble or stone which make us long for a pair of cosy socks, parquet flooring and other wood flooring is desirable for its perceived qualities of warmth and comfort, and for being flooring which doesn’t make us recoil or think twice about stepping on it when we have bare feet!

Designers and homeowners can benefit from a large selection of different types of wood and can choose their own finish, as well as enjoying an easy to clean floor. Parquet is simple to maintain and has therefore become a favourite choice among many designers. With such variety in species of wood and size of parquet strips, comes breadth of choice when it comes to price range, meaning clients can have their diverse needs met and their budgets adhered to.

Solid wood parquet flooring is very high quality but does not react well to moisture. Looking back in history, stones used to be split by boring a hole in a block of stone, inserting a wooden dowel into the hole, and then wetting the wood. The wood expands with such extreme force that it would easily warping the floor. Today it is more common for a wood layer to be glued to a base which prevents it shrinking or expanding. Laminate parquet flooring is the cheapest and actually the most water resistance option and is easy to maintain, but has a shorter lifespan.

To protect your parquet flooring from damage, you should never drag heavy or sharp pieces of furniture across the floor. Keep the heating below 26 degrees at all times and clean the floor with a soft broom or damp cloth that has been well wrung out. And most importantly, invest in a shoe rack and make it a habit for you and your family to remove your shoes before entering the room in the winter, or at least to wipe them dry of ice, snow and rain before stepping onto your beautiful parquet flooring.

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