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Our parquet flooring repair service

Our parquet flooring repair service is available for all types of parquet wood floors. Our dedicated team of craftsmen can identify and specify the original materials of historical and bespoke parquet floors. Then drawing on our vast stocks of traditional and exotic hardwoods we can match the intricate designs and patterns of the flooring specification in hand to ensure a seamless parquet flooring repair restoring your floor back to its original state.

Water damaged parquet flooring

We are increasingly being commissioned to repair water damaged floors due to flooding, leaking roofs and moisture ingress through subfloors. Our prime aim is to save the floor by letting it dry and then carrying out spot repairs to boards that are too badly damaged. Sanding and sealing will also renovate the floor back like new after the repair process.

Giving your parquet floor a second life

If you have lifted an old carpet or moved into a new property you may have discovered an old (but potentially beautiful) parquet floor that needs some TLC. We can help bring your old floor back like new. We can carry out any localised repairs then complete a renovation of the entire floor. This process involves sanding back to the bare parquet wood. Once this has been completed with various grades of sandpaper it will leave a very smooth parquet floor surface. Oiling or lacquering the floor to your chosen specification will give you a stunning (refurbed) parquet floor.

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