Parquet Flooring Samples

When it comes to transforming a room, whether that be for residential or commercial purposes, parquet flooring is a great choice of flooring that can really add some sophisticated yet classical touches to a property. However, as there are a range of parquet flooring options, it can sometimes be difficult to settle on a final choice. Consequently, this is where parquet flooring samples come into play, allowing you to test how the different materials and aesthetics will suit your project before actually making a decision.

What Are Parquet Flooring Samples

You may be wondering however, what are parquet flooring examples. Simply put, these are pieces of wooden parquet flooring smaller in size than the full thing. These are made of all the same materials and via the same high level of craftsmanship, however, these provide a glimpse to both the look and feel a full set of parquet flooring could have on a room.


As good flooring is the foundation of any room, parquet flooring samples allow customers to assess various factors such as the wood’s texture, colour, dCurability and overall aesthetic before making that all important decision.

Different Types Of Parquet Flooring Samples

There are a number of different types of parquet flooring examples that people can make use of in order to help make their decision. One of the most popular types is the ash parquet samples, with these having earthly tones and unique textures that can really elevate any room.


The same can be applied to oak parquet samples too, with the different wood being used for these samples instead having a slightly lighter tone, all whilst still adding some traditional finishes thanks to the naturalistic textures once again. No matter the type of parquet flooring samples you may opt for, all of these serve the same purpose, helping you visualise how a room could look exactly once an option has been chosen.

Parquet Flooring Samples At Classic Parquet

Should you be in need of any parquet flooring samples for yourself, we here at Classic Parquet have you covered. Regardless what type of wood, aesthetic, texture or finish you think you may prefer, we have a variety of samples available to ultimately help you come to that all important selection.

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