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Custodians of the parquet tradition

Parquet flooring installation became popular in France in the 1600’s as a replacement floor system for marble.  Marble flooring requires a lot of washing which rotted the joists underneath. Parquet was originally laid on hot bitumen and then sanded by hand prior to waxing. The painting below by Gustave Caillebotte demonstrates the hard work that went in to sanding traditional parquet flooring. Thankfully machinery has been developed to assist with the sanding work. We are proud custodians of the parquet flooring tradition. Our team are passionate about keeping this artform flourishing in our current times.

Parquet painting by Gustave Caillebotte

Modern day parquet flooring

Traditional parquet has not changed much over the last 400 years. However there have been some modern takes on this traditional floor covering. We have created and developed a coloured parquet floor (recently selected by Selfridges for a pop up store in Oxford Street). Reclaimed parquet flooring also has it’s adherents who will specify it as a floor or even as a wall covering.

Engineered and solid parquet floors

Historically parket flooring was fitted as a single square edged batten on hot bitumen. As machinery became more advanced a tongue and groove was formed on the battens to create a parkay wood block. In the last 20 years engineered parquet blocks have entered the market.

Unfinished or pre-finished parquet

The majority of parquetry flooring we install is unfinished. Once we have laid the floor it requires a sand to take away any slight edges between the blocks. After this process has been completed we start the coating of the floor using either oils or lacquers. We can also stain the floor to your desired colour at this stage.

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