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If you require the services of a professional parquet company then you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve learnt a lot in our first 40 years. Parquet installation is an obvious service but we do have a lot more to offer. We’re the guys insurance companies and loss adjusters call when their client has a damaged floor through water or impact. Transforming old parquet floors into spanking new wood floors is our forte. There’s a lot of satisfaction in rejuvenating an worn old floor.

How to keep customers happy with an old cement mixer

It’s seems easy enough to provide a beautiful new parquet floor using age old traditional techniques. But how do you fit a new floor that looks like an old parquet floor? This is a question posed to us by interior designers and trend savvy property owners. Loving a challenge we developed a highly technological process which uses erm, an old cement mixer. Maybe not conventional  but this old cement mixer filled with bricks, charcoal and grit provided a rather elegant solution. It created exactly the aged, worn and antiqued look sought after by some of our clients. Voila – our range of tumbled oak blocks.

Pantone yellow parquet for Selfridges

Classic Parquet is a division of McKay Flooring who are a wood flooring specialist covering the UK. In 2008 we tentatively started blogging and to be honest our original blog posts weren’t very good. It’s a learning process and gradually over the last 4 years we’ve embraced blogging and social media. The blog is better now and has built up a following on Twitter and some email subscribers. We sometimes use it to plug new products we’ve developed like our whisky barrel flooring and our coloured parquet range. The coloured parquet blog post was shared on Twitter (quite a few times) and was picked up by the in-house designer at Selfridges. Good timing – they were looking for a bright yellow floor for a pop-up store in their Oxford Street store and this fitted the bill. Samples were created and in May we installed a stunning yellow, white and natural wood mixed parquet floor in herringbone design.


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As a dedicated parquet flooring specialist we undertake all parquet flooring works including surveying, design, sub-floor preparation as well as repairs, maintenance and renovation.

Free home / commercial survey and consultancy
• Parquet floor design
• Sub-floor preparation
Parquet Repairs
Parquet Renovation
Parquet Installation
• Maintenance
• Insurance reports
Reclaimed parquet flooring
• Laser cut crests, motifs and floor roses

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