What is Parquet Flooring?

//What is Parquet Flooring?
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What is parquet flooring?

This is an important question. There’s a bit of confusion as to the definition as for some it simply means any type of ‘wood flooring’. In the other camp it means the traditional wood block parquet which is laid in designs such as herringbone, chevrons, basket-weave and Versailles panels. This site is dedicated to this latter definition but we also cater for the ‘any type of wood flooring’ group at our main McKay Flooring website.

Traditional parquet flooring

What is this traditional parquet flooring? As a bespoke hand craft wood floor parquetry enjoys over over three hundred years of tradition stretching back to its French origins. Many classic styles such as herringbone, chevron and the versailles panel all considered timeless designs and recognised as being as long lasting and robust floor coverings as they are beautiful.

Creating bespoke parquet designs

The range of geometric mosaic of wood pieces and decorative border options are endless as the large array of suitable hardwood timbers to mix and match means no two parquet wood floors will ever be the same. Our experienced design team can help you conceptualise and plan a unique floor built to complement your own tastes and interiors. Using our coloured parquet floors you can create your own design into your floor surface.

New definitions of parquet – 400 years in development

We don’t really like having to change the definition of parquet after 400 years but some recent products challenge the traditional view of what parquet is.

What about Bolefloor – the world’s first curved parquet floor. No two boards are the same due to the innovative manufacturing process they have created. Then we have coloured parquet. This system allows anyone to create their own designed parquet floor. Tumbled blocks are also challenging what parquet flooring is and can be.

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