Walnut parquet flooring – sheer class

Walnut parquet is at the high end of parquet flooring. Walnut is one of the most expensive timbers but is rock hard and is highly sought after in classy bars and restaurants around the UK. If you want to add the highest quality parquet floor to your project then this must be considered.

The walnut grain pattern

Walnut parquet flooring is available in prime and variation grade, both with distinctive stylistic qualities – prime being straight grained and mono toned while the variation grade has a curry grain and contrasting colours throughout the blocks. Walnut develops a beautiful rich patina with age.

Walnut parquet for your home

Don’t let the UK’s interior designer’s steal the design limelight and consider walnut parquet for your home floors. Although this is one of the more expensive ranges it provides a floor that lasts a lifetime (literally). If you weigh up the amount of use you’ll get from this floor then the cost is actually cheaper than getting new floor coverings every 5 years or so. We can even help with our credit finance facility. This can help spread the cost to a more affordable monthly outlay.

Walnut parquet finishes

Walnut parquet surface finishes available include:

• Lacquer (gloss, semi-gloss, silk, matt)
• Oil
• Hard Wax

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